Pet products often have meaty flavors like chicken, beef, or fish. Hemp seed oil is also a wonderful ingredient in skincare and other cosmetic products with multiple benefits including moisturization, anti-inflammatory, and even anti-aging properties. In the ingredient list, you will find it as “Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil”. Our cannabidiol oil (CBD) is a natural botanical extract of the hemp plant (which only contains trace amount of THC, less than 0.3%).

The compound reacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system, impacting sleep, mood, appetite, pain and more. Neither hemp oil nor CBD hemp oil contains high amounts of THC. “Most are required to contain less than 0.3 percent THC per federal regulations,” says Kyle, so that means you won’t get the “high” usually associated with cannabis.

This high concentration makes it ideal as a medical treatment for issues such as nausea, seizures, anxiety, depression, and even cancer. Growers have thus created strains with high CBD and low THC, such as Charlotte’s Web, Harlequin, and Sour Tsunami, to increase the medicinal effects without causing the psychoactive high. Much like yellow roses and white roses are to the original red rose, the hemp plant is a relative (a cousin) of the Cannabis sativa plant.

It is not synthesized, but it is isolated from all of the rest of the molecules. Thus, CBD isolate is typically 25-50% cheaper than the full spectrum extract.

Often cold-pressed, hemp seed oil contains virtually no cannabinoids whatsoever. But that doesn’t stop these brands from attempting to ride the CBD wave.

It is often sold and shelved in the same place where you would find CBD oil. This can cause confusion among consumers who haven’t done their homework about which product suits their needs. The Barlean family has been making healthy oils and supplements in the Pacific Northwest for nearly 30 years. As a leader in the natural foods industry, we does CBD get you high stake our reputation on innovating and creating the quality products our customers have come to expect. And like all of our products, our Ideal CBD Hemp Oil meets the very highest standards of excellence.

Sure they both apparently have tremendous benefits for health and wellbeing, and can even treat some chronic conditions like pain, but these two cannabis-derived products are way different from each other. There are many online shops that are selling quality oils at a reasonable price.

With such a new line of products on the market, it can be hard to find easy to digest information that is trustworthy out there. CBD is traditionally extracted from industrial hemp flowers, stalks and leaves. The cannabinoid can only be obtained from a fully grown plant, not its seeds.

However, if you’re more looking for a way to relieve pain or anxiety, you are going to want to stick with CBD oil. While CBD oil and hemp oil can seem similar, they’re actually very different products. One is a natural health product made using certain strains of the hemp plant, whereas the other is made for a variety of purposes, from food preparation to industrial manufacturing. At first, CBD oil and hemp oil can seem identical — after all, both are produced using the hemp plant, and both are widely praised by natural health enthusiasts. However, there are a range of differences between these two products.